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Welcome to our family-run scuba diving school, where passion meets expertise, safety and a love for the underwater world. Since 2008, we have been dedicated to providing unforgettable diving experiences, first in Venezuela and since 2016 in Bonaire. Let us introduce ourselves and give you a glimpse into our unique team.

Hens Silva is our founder, experienced scuba instructor and technical diver, bringing over 15 years of knowledge to the table. His patience knows no bounds, ensuring that every diver, from beginners to advanced, feels comfortable and confident in the water. Hens is not only a skilled instructor but also a meticulous service technician, taking care of all your equipment maintenance needs and performing miraculous repairs that can truly save the day. His true joy lies in guiding dives and revealing the wonders of the deep, including small and hard-to-find creatures that others might miss.

Sigrid Torbay, Hens’s wife and partner, is a former human rights lawyer turned Divemaster, has a deep-rooted passion for marine conservation. She is your go-to person for bookings, administration, and guiding dives. You'll also find her bustling around the dive shop, ever ready to assist you in person to help you choose the right gear for your needs. 

But our family extends beyond Hens and Sigrid. 

Álvaro Consuegra, our knowledgeable compressor technician and Gas Blender is a vital part of our team. Whether you need to rent tanks or gear, he will be there to assist you. He can mix any gas blend to meet your specific diving requirements. Additionally, Álvaro doubles as Divemaster, ready to guide you through unforgettable underwater adventures.

If you are lucky you might even meet the Xpro-puppies, Luna and Blue!. Sometimes we bring our rescues puppies over to spend the day melting diver’s hearts. 

Together, as a close-knit family, we have created a homey and welcoming environment for divers of all levels. Our collective experience, dedication to our guests and students and love for the ocean are what set us apart. We invite you to join us at Xprodiver and discover the magic of scuba diving in the idyllic waters of Bonaire.

Contact Sigrid, our friendly first point of contact, and let us make your diving dreams or continue education a reality.

Hens Silva
Hens Silva M
Xprodiver Venezuela-Bonaire

Inspiration rebreather instructor.

Hollis Prism 2 Instructor.

Hollis Explorer instructor.

Kiss Classic User.

Sidemount specialist instructor

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Tec Deep instructor

Trimix instructor

TDI instructor

SDI instructor

Sigrid Torbay
Sigrid Torbay M
Founder Xprodiver Bonaire

PADI Divemaster

DSD Leader

Reef Renewal Diver 

Bookings and Customer Service Rep.

Alvaro Consuegra
Alvaro Consuegra
Dive Master
Xprodiver Bonaire

Gas Blender.

PADI Dive Master.

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