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Your diving equipment is very important, the safety and quality of your dives depend on it. At Xprodiver we offer rental equipment that has passed regular inspection tests to ensure optimal performance.

If you'd like to buy or renew your own equipment, we offer you the best brands that meet our very demanding high standards of performance. Here you will find only the best and most innovative underwater technology at great prices.

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Mask and Snorkel



Wet suit

Shoes and Fins

$50 per/day

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Unlimited Tanks + Full Rental 

5 days or more, unlimited air or nitrox and full rental equipment.

$75 per/day

"At Xprodiver Bonaire, we offer the best scuba equipment rental service, from masks, BCDs, regulators to wetsuits. Your safety and comfort are our priority, which is why we ensure that each piece of equipment is in perfect condition. Dive into Bonaire's crystal-clear waters with the confidence of having high-quality gear that enhances every aspect of your underwater experience."


- BCD Jacket
- WETSUIT  shorty
- WETSUIT  3,2 mm long
$14 per day. 
$14 per day. 
$ 7 per day.
$ 7 per day.  
$12 per day.
$15 per day.
- WETSUIT     5 mm long
$18 per day.
$14 per day.   
$12 per day.   
- Pony 19cf + reg (ready to go)
- Tank 40 cf (gas not included)
- Tank 80-63cf (gas not included)
- Tank 13 cf rebreather valve  O2 or Dil
- Prism 2 front conterlung rental 
$12 per day.
$18 per day.
$  6 per day.
$  8 per day.
$  8 per day.
$  200 per day.


Dive Boots or Water Shoes:

At many dive sites in Bonaire, it's common to encounter areas devoid of sand, instead covered with dead coral and sea urchins. To address this challenge when entering the water with scuba gear on your back, it's advisable to wear specialized dive boots with thick soles. These boots not only provide increased stability but also offer an additional level of comfort by safeguarding your feet from potential injuries while traversing uneven surfaces such as dead coral and sea urchins.

BCD (Bouyancy Control Device)

When renting a BCD (Buoyancy Control Device), it's crucial that it's in good condition and properly fits your size. At Xprodiver, we offer various rental options for BCDs. The Zeagle Resort is a comfortable jacket-style BCD equipped with excellent pockets to store your accessories. Its quick-release weight pockets enhance both your surface and underwater experience, ensuring exceptional comfort throughout your dive.


The scuba regulator is undeniably one of the most crucial pieces of equipment, if not the most vital. Ensuring the regulator is in excellent condition, clean, and properly disinfected is paramount. At Xprodiver, we provide you with the flexibility to rent diving regulators with the option of either an independent octopus or an integrated one within your BCD. These regulators come in both diaphragm and piston models, available in DIN or Yoke configurations. This variety gives you the freedom to choose according to your individual preferences, ensuring a tailored diving experience that meets your specific needs.

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