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Curious about Technical (tec) Diving. but not sure about jumping into a course? Discover Tec is a short limited open water experience that allows you to give technical diving a try.  You get to wear all the extra TEC GEAR and take it for a test dive. We introduce a few basic Skills, such as primary to secondary regulator switch and gas shutdown procedures.

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Consists or three knowledge development sections, Three practical application sessions and four training dives. Designed for the diver transitioning from recreational diving to technical diving.

Part 2 of the PADI Tec Deep Diver program. Extend your depth limit to 45 metres/145 ft. learn to plan & execute repetitive decompression dives using a single stage/decompression cylinder.

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Part 3 of the full PADI Tec Deep Diver program. Develop competency & have the skills to dive to a max of 50 metres/165ft.

Learn how to extend & acc

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