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About the Course

Lionfish are invasive in Bonaire. During this course we will explain you why and how we catch lionfish.

Within the rules of the Bonaire Marine Park, we will make two dives and use a Eradicate LionFish Tool (ELF) to shoot and catch lionfish.

Take This Course If You Want to
  • Learn why lionfish are invasive

  • Help to protect the reef

  • Catch your own lionfish

Learn How to
  • Shoot lionfish

  • Carry them with you safely


Your budget for this course

-Handouts and certification fee included
-1 day 2 dives                                 $  210
-Full Rental equipment 1 day     $  30
Only if you need it
-2 tanks                                           $  24
TOTAL      $ 234 or $ 264                                                with gear
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