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Marina is a women’s wraparound jacket-style design with functionality and personality that's unrivaled in the women's category. The vest is exclusively designed for women: hard webbing in the backplate instead of a bulky hard plastic backplate, and extra padding in the lower lumbar and neck areas provide fit, comfort and function all-in-one. Marina takes Zeagle's renowned durability and blends beautiful design aesthetics for women. 

Designed for women: Bladder pattern is cut higher on the back and sides for optimal fit and comfort 
Reliable and practical: Hard webbing backplate with dual tank band (high and low), and additional cinch-down strap tank band for ultimate security 
Extra support: Extra padded areas designed for women in lumbar and neck 
Improved: Updated weight system allows for easier loading and up to 10lbs ditchable weight on each side 
Sizes: XS (28lbs lift); S (30lbs lift); M (34lbs lift); L (40lbs lift)


SKU: 8206
$520.00 Regular Price
$468.00Sale Price
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