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About the Course

Are you looking to give something back to the coral reefs we so much enjoy on Bonaire and all over the world? Do you want to learn coral gardening techniques? In the PADI Reef Renewal Diver Distinctive Specialty course we will teach you how to!

In this course we will start by giving you an insight into coral reproduction, teach you how to clean and survey coral nurseries. During the classroom workshops you will learn and practise how to tie and hang corals in the trees. Skills which you will later use when we go for our three dives. 

In the last dive of the course you will actually outplant some of the grown corals, making an ever lasting impact on the Bonaire reefs.

Take This Course If You Want to
  • Learn about coral reproduction

  • Restore the reef and give back to the ocean

  • Become a Reef Renewal Volunteer

Learn How to
  • Clean & survey coral nurseries

  • Prune & hang corals in nurseries

  • Outplant corals

Your budget for this course

-Handouts and certification fee included
-2 days 3 dives                              $  245
-Full Rental equipment x 2 days $  60
Only if you need it
-3 tanks                                           $  36
TOTAL      $ 281 or $ 341                                                with gear
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